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Cargo Ship at Sea

Discharge & Storage at Ports

Our chartering department comprises a unique set of algorithms that allows AIT to maintain a smooth flow of dynamic shipment flow. Therefore, capacities of executed shipments range in coaster, but mainly handysize & panamax size vessels. This strategy allows to adapt proficient, responsible and cost-efficient supply chain of grains, maize, oils & oilseeds products to our clients.


Discharge & Storage at Ports

We share a partnership agreement with first the highest-ranking stevedoring company in Egypt, fully certified central trade banks and insurance companies, enabling Astra to offer logistical service, storage, customs clearance and quality control.

The following facilities are being offered in Egypt:
Presence in 4 key Egyptian ports, 3 on the Mediterranean Sea (Damietta port, Alexandria port and Abu Qir port) as well as on the Red Sea 
(Adabyia port).
Wide range of storage capacities exceeding 300,000 sqm both covered and /or open yards with the possibility of accommodating 2 million metric tons.
Private truck fleet with 255 trucks with GPS delivery tracking.
State of the art equipment, such as ship-unloaders, harbour cranes, conveyor belts, loaders, excavators, forklifts, tug masters and reach stackers. The 700 equipment types, ensure the best quality service that a client would require.


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